home delivery $15

cut-off date: tuesday @ 2:00 PM (wk of delivery date)

We deliver monthly! $15 for home deliveries, or you can pick your order up at the farm. We deliver to the following areas in manitoba:

St. Claude / Portage la Prairie / Elie / Carman / Oak Bluff / Oakbank / Headingley / East + West St. Paul / Winnipeg / Landmark / Ile des Chenes / Ste-Anne / Steinbach / Niverville / Dugald / Lorette


grass fed + grass finished beef

Our cattle are Grass Fed + Grass Finished grazing on 100% Certified Organic Pastures.

pastured pigs + chickens

Our pigs + chickens are an important part of our regnerative farm by improving our organic pastures + grasses, and promoting biodiversity + balance in our soil ecosystems.

the farm

meet the farmers

nic & cows filter.png

hey, i’m nic

Our farm is located near the french community of St Claude, MB and has been in the family since 1892. In 2008 I converted all of our land to be Certified Organic, which is something that we feel is very important for the health of our soil, pastures, and animals. Our organic certification is through Pro-Cert.  

My wife Leanna and I are full time Farmers, YES - FULL TIME FARMERS working hard each day to improve the whole ecosystem of our regenerative farm, and it all starts with the health of our soil. Managing our grazing to regenerate our soils allows us to farm responsibly and be sustainable.

I am absolutely passionate about how I farm + love being a farmer. I thrive to be a lifelong learner and when I have a bit of extra time I spend it reading as many ranching / soil health books + articles that I can get my hands on! I am always educating myself so that our farm practices keep evolving for the better, and I am fortunate to have spent time learning from many different ranching and soil health mentors over the years, including: Burke Teichert + Dr. Allen Williams + Johann Zietsman.

leanna& cows.png

Hi! I’m Leanna

I farm alongside my husband Nic helping manage our organic pastures and grazing for all the cattle, berkshire pigs, + chickens. I love spending my days on our farm caring for the land + animals as well as raising our sweet little girl Emma, who will turn 1 year old this August!

I have a great appreciation for the animals we raise and believe they are only as healthy as our soils are. If our soil is unhealthy and lacking in nutrients then so are the animals and the food we eat.

Besides farming and raising our family I am often practicing and teaching yoga or making organic cold process soap using the lard I render from our berkshires.


regenerative farming


Manage the animals we raise in a regenerative system that produces healthy living soils which produce nutrient rich grasses + pastures on our land.

Properly grazing our animals on the nutrient rich grasses and pastures produces quality nutrient dense meats.


Never compromise our farm values & beliefs for short-term gains or profits.

farm internship

MAX 1 spot - 2019 internship has been filled

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+ apprenticeship dates:

April/May - September/October dates are flexible for the right farm-mate

+ apprenticeship experience:

At Ferme Jobin we believe in sharing our knowledge & skills with others who have a passion and interest in Sustainable Regenerative Farming practices. Our goal within our apprenticeship program is to give aspiring sustainable farmers the know-how & skills to enter in successful farming ventures of their own.

While the apprentice invests their time & energy to be an integral part of the farm practices during their stay, we invest our time to share all we can with each apprentice, focused around their individual farm goals. For the right apprentice, this experience can open future doors to opportunities with Ferme Jobin, including future satellite farms & symbiotic Farm Venture start-ups on our land.

The apprenticeship experience at Ferme Jobin is truly designed for the aspiring farmers out there eager to learn & get involved! We take our apprenticeship experience very seriously and cannot tolerate anyone who is not here for the right reasons - we simply do not have time to waste.

+ hands-on learning:

A typical day here on the farm will vary depending on your individual skills & farm goals! Our operations and daily practices include rising by 6am for breakfast & our morning farm meeting, heading out to move the chicken tractors and feeding the chickens, mixing new feed for the chickens, collecting eggs, moving the egg mobile, as well as moving the pigs & cattle to their new paddocks in our rotational grazing system. After a fresh tasty lunch the fencing will need to be checked and set-up for future moves, eggs will be collected a second time, eggs will be cleaned and properly stored, & customer orders will be filled. Throughout the season we will prepare the land for organic crops, seed organic fields, swath / combine crops for harvest, clean our seed & store it on-farm for sales & farm use.

Depending on the season - cattle are moved year round in our rotational grazing system, calving takes place in late spring, baby chicks are in the brooders late spring, seeding in late spring & early summer, on-farm chicken & turkey harvesting in mid & late summer, grain harvest from mid summer - fall, fall seeding & seed cleaning starts early fall. The hands-on knowledge & skills for each venture will be shared, including the business / economics.

WE MUST NOT FORGET ABOUT THE FAMILY GARDEN!! We have 15 large raised beds & ground veggie plants which we tend each year for lots of fresh produce! We make our own compost & compost teas for the garden, practice vermiculture, and CAN LIKE CRAZY each fall to have lots of canned veggies for winter.

As always - the busy summer season requires hard work, problem solving, & innovative thinking to keep everything smooth & on-track regardless of unforeseen setbacks (weather.... machinery/equipment repairs....). Creative thinking & brainstorming is one of our favourite parts of being on the farm! We are always looking at new ways to improve the farm functions - so bring your ideas - an open mind is a MUST for full cycle organic & regenerative farming!

Each year we undergo new projects & ventures on the farm, which bring lots of excitement and no shortage of tasks to be done! Even our horses, which are just for our fun & enjoyment on the farm require lots of grooming & riding.

There is a rhythm to how & when we do things, and a purpose to why we do things. Processes & Procedures are an important part of keeping the farm organized while moving at a steady pace. We are not your babysitter on the farm nor do we want to micromanage your projects! Everyone learns at a different pace and we will ensure you have all the tools & knowledge to succeed here on the farm in the apprenticeship experience - we trust that you will respect our farm & our processes/procedures during your commitment & stay on the farm.

What a journey it is on the farm - can't wait to share it with you!

+ the details:


You do not need to have farming experience to be accepted, however, this role is for an aspiring farmer. We have many ongoing farm ventures, so experience and skills from all different areas are equally important! In 2017 we will be building 2 additional Eco-Farm Cabins - so carpentry skills/interests are a valuable asset!

Most valuable of all is your attitude in this role. An apprentice with very little farm experience but with the right attitude and acceptance will flourish as opposed to an individual with excellent experience and a poor attitude. If you have a poor attitude....please do not apply for this farm experience!!

Ask yourself if you are aspiring to learn how to farm a full cycle sustainable farm - if your answer is "meh....just looking for a fun summer" then this is not the experience for you. While we will have a great deal of fun on the farm - there is a great deal of hard work and dedication to the farm as well.

Couples with shared farming interests are welcome to apply


  • 5-5.5 days/week work schedule (55-60 hours/week)
  • 1.5-2 days/week OFF (varies between weekdays & weekends)


  • private accommodation at one of our Eco-Farm Cabins
  • the Eco-Farm Cabin will be your private space with bedroom, kitchen, & bathroom
  • you will eat well during your stay! You have access to all of the meat on the farm (Beef, Pork, Chicken, & Eggs) as well as fresh garden veggies & fruit. Your cabin has a fridge & bbq in addition to meals being prepared for you!
  • Water, Snacks, & Toiletries are provided for your cabin at all times - you may take what you need for your cabin!
  • Leanna teaches Yoga - you are welcome to attend any Yoga classes during your stay!


  • FREE Room & Board
  • $$ based on experience STIPEND $400 up to $1200/month with Performance Advances
  • access to one of our vehicles for your use if needed

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in learning on our farm - we wish you all a great farming year ahead and hope to hear from you again!!